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Congratulations {{answer_53073807}}! We are so excited for this special chapter in your life and we are particularly excited you have decided to look into RedBookChef for your catering needs! 

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Please provide a good contact number for both the bride and groom along with an email for each of you. *

Any important contacts for your special day? *

Please fill out the name, number, email and relation for any important contacts we may need to work with during the process. If none please type "none".
When's the big day? *

Please fill out the date of your wedding (example: March 2, 2020 or 3/2/2020)
What venue did you decide on? *

If you have not chosen a venue please specify below.
Venue contract time?

Please fill out the times you have access to the venue on the day of.
Not all venues are the same. *

All venues have different requirements. Please let us know if your venue requires the caterer to set up the ceremony chairs, tables, dining chairs, etc. This will play a big roll into your service cost.
How many people are coming to your wedding? *

Please provide us with an adult guest count.
Any kids? if so, how many?

Please provide kid count ONLY if you are planning to select a separate kid menu.
Time for the fun part! What's your ideal menu? *

Please list food items below that you would be interested in seeing on your menu or any items that you would like to avoid. Some things can include favorite cuisines, vegetables, fruits, salads, proteins, sides, etc. We customize all of our menus so this will help inspire us to come up with a menu specially made for you!
Any dietary restrictions?

This can include celiac disease, vegans, vegetarians, kosher, peanut allergy, lactose, etc.
What type of service style are you interested in?

We provide stationary (appetizers only), buffet, family style, and seated.
Whats your vision for your wedding? *

We care about making this day perfect for you! Please let us know a little about your event! Please include colors, style, flowers, etc.
Need rentals! We got em'! *

We provide dinnerware rentals (china, acrylic, and bamboo available), glassware, and linens. Please let us know if you are interested in any of these items!
Cake Cutting Services? *

Most bakery's do not stay to cut your wedding cake. If you need cake cutting services please let us know below.
Non-Alcoholic Beverage Services? *

We provide non-alcoholic beverage services which include anything from lemonade, tea, coffee, etc.
Full bartending service? *

We provide only BYOB packages. Please let us know if you will need a TABC bartender along with services during your wedding.
Every wedding is unique and many couples have fun ideas for their big day! Any special services you may want?

Ex: Hot tea bar, S'mores bar, chocolate fountain, etc.
What's your ideal budget for all in? *

I know this questions is not always a fun one to answer but this helps us know what type of menu items we can offer you to make sure we are honoring your budget!
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